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LookAhead Support

We are acutely aware that when you signup for and embed LookAhead on your site you will be relying on LookAhead (SurfWax secure servers) to serve content to the LookAhead drop-down search palette (SearchPal™) on your page(s), 24x7. SurfWax servers are fully redundant, are located in a high-security data center with solid performance of 99.99% uptime.

However, if for any reason LookAhead servers do go down, the LookAhead drop-down (SearchPal™) will automatically contain a single line stating "LookAhead temporarily unavailable; please use Search only". Your site's search functionality will not be impacted. SurfWax staff will be automatically alerted via telephone within one minute if this happens.

The following three areas will remain under your control and responsibility: (1) your lexicon, (2) how you embed LookAhead HTML into page(s), and (3) how you change the CSS settings for the LookAhead drop-down. By using the Test option (under Account login) and first creating "test" copies of your pages, you will have complete control and flexibility to confirm use and implementation of LookAhead on your site before going live with LookAhead. You can re-import your lexicon into LookAhead at any time.

If you have questions after you have created your account, email us for support. SurfWax staff are available to help with any issues, including suggestions and tips for developing your lexicon. LexIt and extra support are available for additional fees.

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