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LookAhead in Action: Example Sites

These (partial crawl) Examples show the wide variety of sites that can benefit from LookAhead.

DMOZ-Actors   DontBuyJunk   RSS/Blog Feeds
DocuTicker   US Patent Office   Mongabay Photos
StepForth   VORT Corporation   Columnists

All lexicon terms are automatically "rotated" as they are imported into LookAhead. For example, L.L. Bean users could find, "True Comfort Footwear" by starting to type either "com..." or "fo..." or "tru...". The instant display of rotated terms makes browsing your site fast and encourages discovery.

Benefit--Your Site Search:
A lexicon is much more than an index to the words on your site, such as might result from a search engine's indexing of your site. A lexicon is your controlled vocabulary that provides your users with a more intelligent, site-centric association of concepts, terms, and products.

LookAhead Setup:
For most of these examples it took less than 45 minutes to setup each account, create the lexicon using LexIt, import the lexicon, and Test the page. Account setup time and lexicon development time will vary per site based on the site content and the complexity of your HTML and CSS code.

More about lexicon options
Use LexIt to extract your site content. Lexicons can also be created from other sources. For example, Britannica and Questia have excellent Terms with direct links to URLs. PCConnection and Shopping.com have good page Titles. Sites with dynamically-generated pages can rapidly create a lexicon from their database with a Term/Title + URL query.

More about search options
When you import your lexicon, you have two options as to how the search works: 1) Goes directly to the page for the term selected; 2) Uses existing site search (e.g., whatever the user selects from the LookAhead drop-down is submitted to the site's search engine).

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