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LookAhead LexIt -- Sample Automatic Extraction a Palm page

LexIt can generate thousands of terms/concepts from your site (such as these below from the one sample page). LexIt can process approximtely 6,000 pages per hour (depending on your server bandwidth and latency). Product names, entities, concepts, titles, whatever; LexIt will extract and include in the lexicon. LexIt can extract from multiple document types such as HTML pages, PDF files, Word files, etc. The extracted terms/concepts are downloadable from your LookAhead Account as a .txt file for your editing. You can then easily edit, delete, add to the list and use it as the basis for your LookAhead lexicon. Once you have edited your terms/concepts, you use your LookAhead Account to import the lexicon file (tab-delimied .txt) from your desktop into LookAhead. The terms are fully rotated as they are imported.

Accessories Support
Accessory Drivers
Audible Player
Backup Card Plus
Basic Handheld Functions
Battery Charging Issues
Bell Mobility
Bluetooth Card
browse the topics
Buy Accessories
Canada Repair Status
Canada Repairs
Common Desktop Issues
common questions
customer support
desktop hotsync
Desktop Video
digital audiobooks and content
driver fixes
Expansion Cards
Expansion Update
Handheld Setup Guide
Handheld Video
Home Support Handheld
HotSync Issues
HotSync Support Guide
Install Software
iSync Support
Keyboard DriverAddresses
knowledge library
Mac Desktop Handbook
Mac HotSync
mobile mgrs
mobile services
MP3 Audio Kit
Multimedia Handbook
Multimedia Setup Guide
My Handheld
My Handheld Find
new games
owner resources
Palm Desktop
Palm i705 handheld
Palm III
Palm III series
Palm IIIc
Palm IIIe
Palm IIIx
Palm IIIxe
Palm m100
Palm m100 series
Palm m105
Palm m125
Palm m130
Palm m500
Palm m500 series
Palm m505
Palm m515
Palm OS Upgrades
Palm Pilot
Palm Store
Palm V series
Palm VII
Palm VIIx
Palm Vx
Palm Zire
palmOne DriverThis keyboard driver
palmOne handheld
palmOne Software Connection
phone wirelessly
Photo Naming
Photo Transfer
Pilot series
Placeholder Card Insert
Play Music
Portable Keyboard
Problems Syncing Photos
product registration
productivity software
repair service
Rogers Wireless
SD SDIO UpdateCompilation
security issue
Security UpdateAddresses
Setup Guide
Software Support
Special Features
Sprint PCS
support downloads
tech glossary
tips and tricks
Tungsten E2
Tungsten T2
Tungsten T3
Tungsten T5
Universal Wireless Keyboard
Verizon Wireless
Video Guides
Visor Edge
Visor Neo
Visor Platinum
Visor Prism
Visor Pro
Visor series
warranty support policy
Windows HotSync
Wireless Keyboard

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