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LookAhead LexIt -- Sample Automatic Extraction from a Web site

The terms and concepts below were extract from the VORT site and are shown without any human editing. While no tool is 100% perfect, what is amazing about LexIt output is the great starting point it provides for developing your site's lexicon! LexIt does 95% of the work, you do the 5% tuning.

Terms and URLs extracted by LexIt are downloadable from your LookAhead Account as a list (.txt file) for your editing. A [count] is provided for each term showing how many times it occurs within your site. You can load the .txt file into Excel or a text editing program and easliy change, combine, delete, or add to the list to use it as the basis for creating your LookAhead lexicon. You can Monitor the progress of LexIt as it crawls and extracts terms from your site.

Once you have edited your lexicon/terms file, you use your LookAhead Account to import that file (tab-delimied .txt) from your desktop into LookAhead. The terms are fully rotated as they are imported. You can Monitor the progress of the Import.

accept orders via the Internet
accounting department
acquiring knowledge
Activity Guide
activity pamphlets
address the needs
administration and reference guide
administration assessment curriculum and family support materials
Administration Reference Manual
Administration Stephanie Parks
adult skills and behaviors
age ranges
age sequence
agencies share the costs
ages birth
Anticipatory Guidance
assessment - bound booklet
assessment administration guidelines and resource
Assessment and Curriculum Guide
assessment and curriculum materials
Assessment and Early Intervention
assessment and instruction
assessment and intervention -Coordinator
assessment and monitoring
assessment behaviors skills
assessment planning reporting intervention and instruction
Assessment Procedures
Assessment Procedures and Instructional Activities
assessment record booklet of 685 skills
assessment recording and planning
assessment setting objectives tracking progress
assistants and clinicians
at-home activities
Australia NZ
author of
bank draft
Barbara Kuczen
BCP Assessment Record
BCP Instructional Activities
BCP Instructional Activities VORT Corporation
BCP Overview
Beginnings Binder
Beginnings Binder Chart
Beginnings Chart
Beginnings Parent Questionnaires
Beginnnings Chart Brenda Hussey-Gardner
Behavioral Characteristics Progression
Bette Flushman
better support
Binder and Chart Brenda Hussey-Gardner
binder of Masters
Birth-to-Three Products
booklet VORT Corporation
breaks and lunch
Brenda Hussey-Gardner
builds the foundation
business Best Beginnings
CA 94306
CA 95742-6518
call VORT
called HELP
chairs and writing surface
Chart and offering families information
charting process
child- and family-centered services
child development
child development and adult education
child development and parenting -EC Program Coordinator
childhood and special education
childhood courses
childhood development
childhood educators infant specialists psychologists social workers and nurses
Childhood Products
children and families
children three
Children's Hospital Oakland
child's point of view and include
classroom the resource room
clear handouts
coffee and rolls
cognition language motor social-emotional and self-help
Cognitive Language Gross Motor Fine Social and Self-Help
combined 0-6 materials cover
computer and projector
concept-based strands
concerns priorities and resources
Cover 7 key areas
credit cancel the invoice
credit card
credit need
credit the HELP curriculum-based assessment
Cruz County Office of Education
culum Guide
culum Guide VORT Corporation
curriculum and assessment materials
curriculum and in-program activities
curriculum vitae
curriculum-based assessment
curriculum-based assessment and planning tool
curriculum-based assessment covering
curriculum-based assessment HELP
curriculum-based assessment methods
curriculum-based assessments
customer and materials
Customer Service
demonstrate child progress
developmentally sequenced -- covers 685 skills
developmentally-sequenced strands
disabilities and delays
Disabilities Education Act
Disabilities HELP Checklist
Disabilities Stephanie Parks
display and participant review
display the training slide show
distributor Ann Arbor Publishers
distributor Parentbooks
distributor The Therapy Book Shop
Dr Barbara Kuczen combines expertise
Dr Kuczen
drinks and cookies
Early Childhood
Early Childhood Coordinator
Early Intervention Childhood Head Start Special Education and Autism
easy-to-use Child Summary form
easy-to-use tool
ECH Program
Education Management System
environments and interactions
Evenstart Head Start
expenses and fee
express shipments
families beautiful design
families of children
family-centered assessment
family-centered curriculum-based assessment
Family-Centered Interview
Federal Employer ID
feeding sleeping guiding behavior toilet training
Fine Motor
First call VORT
FOB Menlo Park
follow-up training
form of computer program
Frequently Asked Questions
front-end needs analysis
fund the training
Gay Gale
gives personal touch
Goal Areas
graduate programs
Gross Motor
ground - 12
groups of authors
guidance and information
guidance and support
guidance of child development professionals
guidance of professionals working
handout and resource
handouts of simple
hard copies
Hawaii Early Learning Profile
Head Start
Head Start PCO
Head Start Positive Child Outcomes
Head Start Postive Child Outcomes
Head Start Products
Head Start programs
helping families
helping parents
Helping Parents Make
HELP-PCO Child Summary
Helps parents
Helps parents recognize
Helps parents turn
Helps screen areas identify needs target objectives and track chart progress
Home HELP When the Parent
home suggestions
Home VORT Corporation
home-based strategies and activities
hot water
hundreds of workshops and training sessions
ICN Volunteer Coord
ight Information VORT
Important Notes
incorporating HELP
increase the Scale
individual objectives
individual program
Infant and Toddler Legislation Early
Infants NICU Parents
infants toddlers young children
information and support
information discounts
Inside HELP
instruction and parent involvement
International Distributors
Intervention Challenges
Intervention Products
intervention professionals and programs
Introduction Background
Introduction Instructions
invoice date
issue credit
item analysis
Kathleen Vandenberg
key components
key HELP products necessary
Key issues and expectations
key questions
learn skill
lesson plan activities ready-to-use and indexed
lesson plans
Linda Shephard
local professional organizations
lunch and breaks typically
maintain record
major sections according
make parent involvement
makes warranties
making the return
manual basis
masters Cindy Baker and Toby Long
materials back via
may print
may return
meet program needs and uses hands-on activities games humor
meeting the needs of children
minimum of $7
minimum of $8
MSI Fulfillment Center
My Special Start
Nancy Sweet
necessary administration guide and reference
needs slight modification
needs track growth and development
needs tracking growth and development
Neonatal Nurse
New administration assessment instruction and parent support materials
new tool
NICU Pediatric
NICU Pediatrics Early Intervention Childhood Headstart Preschool Special Education Parenting
NICU Products
offers play-based activities and intervention strategies
offers simple process
offers warm
old child
one-day training workshop
order according
Order Form
order PO
original HELP Charts
original HELP materials consisted
outlet and extension cord flip chart
Overview of Inside HELP
Overview of Inside HELP Important Reminders IDEA
Palo Alto
parent handouts
parent handouts -- ready
Parent Questionnaires Brenda Hussey-Gardner
Parent Questionnaires VORT Corporation
parent support
parenting issues
Parenting Products
parents and caregivers of infants toddlers ages birth
parents -Daycare Proprietor
Parents Helper
Parent's Helper
parents of infants and toddlers
parents of new babies
parents teachers assistants and clinicians
Part C and HELP - comparison Introduction
particular child
particular purpose
pay the invoice
payment terms
PDF files
pkg of 10
pkg of 25
Positive Child Outcomes
precaution and safety notes
Premature Birth
Premature NICU
prepaid orders
Preschool Products
Preschooler Strands
Preschoolers Activities
Preschoolers Assessment
Preschoolers Assessment and Curriculum Guide
Preschoolers Assessment Strands
Preschoolers Assessment Strands VORT Corporation
Preschoolers Charts
Preschoolers Charts VORT Corporation
Preschoolers Checklist
Preschoolers Checklist VORT Corporation
Preschoolers Strand
preview process
Previewing Products
Product Family
Product Guarantee
Product Listing
Product Listing Prices
Product Number
Product Usage
products #156 #156-S and #194-S
products and publications
products carry 30-day No questions guarantee
products include
products work
professional responsibility
professional working
professionals working
profile Chart
program curriculum
programs organize cluster trainings
publications and products
publisher and sole source
quanity one
Questions All VORT
Rancho Cordova
range of skills
read the Disclaimer
ready-to-use parent handouts
record booklet
record the guidance
recording of child progress planning
Reference Manual
registration and coffee service
report feeling
requirements of Part C
responsibility and liability
re-structured the 3-6 year materials
return guarantee
return VORT's invoice number and RMA# the product
room set-up
safety precautions
Sandy Deverman
Santa Cruz COE
school district
school readiness
secure return authorization number
sending people
Sending Returns
Sensory Organization
series of 20
serving children
serving children and adults
serving children three
set of materials
set of resources
Setsu Furuno
sharp objects and utensils
sheets of paper
shipping and handling
side-by-side comparison
six-state region
skill leads
skill Materials
skill numbers
skills and behaviors
Skills Strand Structure Instructions
small objects
Software Database
Software Database VORT Corporation
Sole Source Information VORT
Special Education
Special Education Products
special education professionals serving children and adults
Special Preschoolers
specific behavior skill
specific interests
specific needs
staff and family
staff and parents
state offices of education
Stephanie Parks
steps and curriculum
steps objectives
Strands HELP Charts Activity Guide
strengths and needs
strengths and providing activities
structure of HELP and PCO
Structure of HELP Developmental Domains and Strands
Structure of Inside HELP Developmental Domains and Strands
sub-areas of development termed Strands
Sue Lackey
table screen
Taking Care of
target areas
target objectives
teachers and staff use HELP
teachers assistants coordinators directors clinicians and transition specialists
teaching the skills and Activities
technology PECS social stories work sampling video learning
telephone questions
term HELP
Three-to-Six Products
title quantity and price
track and maintain control
track and record
tracking and return delivery
tracking of progress
train subgroups of staff
training organizers
training takes five
training tool
Training Workshops
Tutorials and Training
uctional Activities
underlying key concept
Understanding My Signals
Understanding My Signals Brenda Hussey-Gardner
user may copy
user-friendly computer-based system
using HELP
using HELP 0-3
Using Help Effectively--Video
valuable learning opportunities
via database
via telephone conference
VORT Corporation
VORT Corporation P O Box
VORT Corporation-- Returns
want the training
Warm Guide
warranties of merchantability
whole child -- the importance
widely-used curriculum-based assessments
widely-used family-centered curriculum-based assessment

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