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LookAhead LexIt -- Sample Automatic Extraction from a Web site

The 1,300 A & B terms/concepts below were automatically extracted from 500 pages on the WebMD.com site and are shown after 15 minutes of very rough "human" editing/tuning. While no text extraction tool is 100% perfect, what is amazing about LexIt output is the great starting point it provides for developing your site's lexicon! LexIt does 95% of the work, you do the 5% tuning.

Tuning includes de-duplicating terms due to spelling errors or case, combining terms due to singular -vs- plural, etc. A site such as WebMD might ultimately have 200,000 terms/concepts in its lexicon, which would be daunting to put into and access via a traditional hierarchy. That is why such sites often don't have a comprehesive lexicon.

But the ease of using LookAhead's "type and see" approach makes accessing large lexicons very easy without the need to create and maintain a complex hierarchy of terms. Why? Because most users come to a site/lexicon already thinking "flat" (a specific term or topic) -- the navigation to that information should also be flat (as it is via LookAhead) without the "drill-down" often required with hierarchies and directories.

Terms and URLs extracted by LexIt are downloadable from your LookAhead Account as a list (.txt file) for your editing. A [count] is provided for each term showing how many times it occurs within your site. You can load the .txt file into Excel or a text editing program and easliy change, combine, delete, or add to the list to use it as the basis for creating your LookAhead lexicon. You can Monitor the progress of LexIt as it crawls and extracts terms from your site.

Aarskog Syndrome
abbreviated new drug application
ABC Eating Plan
ABCDs of Skin Cancer
ABCDs of Skin Changes
Abdominal Hysterectomy
Abdominal Pain
Abdominal Tap
Abdominal Ultrasound
Abdominal X-ray
Aberrant Sexual Behavior
ability of marijuana
Abnormal Rhythms
AbnormalVaginal Infection
abortion pill RU-486
About Rosacea
about your medication
about your tests
Abscessed Tooth
Absence Defect of Limbs
absent low
absolute proof
Abubakar Nadama
Abuse Hurts Bystanders
Abuse Incest RapeAdults
AC chemotherapy
Aca B-12
Aca Cold Relief
Aca Therapeutic Vitamin
academic and intelligence testing
academic and IQ testing
academic difficulty
academic issues
academic learning difficulties
academic medicine
academic physician
accept my illness
accept survey responses
accept the fact
accept the new privacy policy
access -- The ways
Access the Heart Resources
access the system
access the WebMD Health Manager following
accessing private portions of public networks
Accident Victims
Accidental Tooth Loss
AccidentalToothache and Gum Problems
Accordingly WebMD
account and password
Accreditation and Privacy Seals
accrediting body
accuracy and timeliness
accuracy reliability completeness currentness
accurate results
Acetaminophen and Butalbital
Acetaminophen and Codeine
Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone
Acetaminophen and Oxycodone
Acetaminophen and Tramadol
Acetaminophen Butalbital Caffeine
Acetaminophen Dichloralphenazone and Isometheptene
Acetazolamide Sodium
Acetic Acid Irrigation
Acetic Otic
Acetylcholine Chloride Intraocular
aches and discomfort
Aches and pains
aches and pains betied
Aches Pains
Aches Pains and Depression
Aches pains fever and chills
aching bones and muscles
aching muscles
Acid Fat-Burning Effect
acid leucine
acid levels
acid levels chance
Acid Maltase Deficiency
Acid Maltase Deficiency Association
Acid Reflux Disease
acid reflux IBS
acid-containing contents
acids and substances
acne patients aged 12
Acne Scars
acne treatment
acneAdult Onset ALD
Acne-Prone Skin
Acoustic Neuroma Association
Acoustic Reflex TestACTH
acting director
Action and Monitoring Society
Action Plan
Action Plans
Action Read
Active Aging Support Group
active and fit
active databases
active ingredient
active ingredients
Active Kids
active life
Active Lifestyle
active people
active smoking
Active Worsen Fibromyalgia
activities the morning
activity burns calories and helps
activity five
Activity Helps Back PainResearchers
activity level
activity-packed season
acuity sharper
Acupuncture Eases Side Effects of AIDS Drugs
Acupuncture Help
Acupuncture Helps FibromyalgiaAcupuncture
Acupuncture May Be Useful
Acupuncture May Help Knee Arthritis
Acupuncture May Help Knee ArthritisAcupuncture
Acupuncture May Help Tension HeadachesAcupuncture
Acupuncture May Improve Sperm Quality
Acurian CancerAdvisors Emerging Med and Veritas Medicine
acute headache include sinusitis
Acute headaches
acute infection
acute lead poisoning
acute medical condition
Acyclovir SodiumAcys-5
Aczone Gel
Aczone Gel Uses Active Ingredient Found
Aczone RxList
Ad Servers
ADA Member Dentist
Adamantiades-Behcet's Syndrome
Adams Oliver Syndrome
addiction and crosses the line
Addiction and Substance Abuse
Addictive Behaviors
Addicus Books
addition people
addition the study researcher
Additional Resources
address and birth date
address and Social Security number
address hometown and short caption
address individual circumstances
address new methods
address possible pitfalls
address the question of safety
Adelphi University
Adenosine Stress TestAdrenocorticotropic Hormone
Adenylosuccinase Deficiency
Adenylosuccinate Lyase Deficiency
ADHD affects
ADHD and Creativity
ADHD Assessment
ADHD change
ADHD characteristics
ADHD Drug Warnings
ADHD remains
ADHD Self-Assessment
ADHDGrad Flick
adjust the timing and dosing
adjusting and following
adjuvant chemotherapy
adjuvant means
adjuvant therapy
adolescent girls
adopting new strategies
Adrenal VirilismAdrenocortical
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Deficiency
adriamycin and Cytoxan
adriamycin chemotherapy
adriamycin-based chemotherapy
Adult ADD
Adult ADHD
Adult ADHD-- Paul Wender
Adult ADHD Sufferers Face Lost Income
Adult AML
Adult Asthma Support Group
Adult Braces Linda Niessen
Adult CML
Adult Congenital Heart Association
Adult Dental Care
Adult Medullary Cystic DiseaseAdult
adult men
adult patients
adulthood may help women
adults aged 18
adults aged 20
adults and adolescents
adults and children
adults and children experience
adults taking antidepressants
Adults Treatment-Resistant Depression
advance health directive
advance publication
advertisers and Ad Servers
advertisers use companies
Advertising InformationFor
Advertising Initiative
Advertising Policy
advertising requests
advice and information
Advice Self-Care
advice support and camaraderie
Advice the Expert
Advice the FDA
advising doctors and patients
Advisors Recommend Zelnorm
Advisory Board
AEAEAEC Syndrome
Aerican College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic Fitness
affect brain function
affect detection diagnosis
affect labor and delivery
affect the area
affect the child
affect the information
affect the kind of care
affect the majority of men
affect the structure
affect the validity
affect whole head
Affective Neuroscience
affects 10 million Americans
affects people
affects the colon and rectum
affects the left side
African American Breast Cancer Alliance
After' Pill
After' PillPregnancies
aftermath and reactions
afternoon meeting
After-School Activities
Age 11 and Younger Abdominal Pain
Age 11 and Younger Colds
Age 11 and Younger Common Cold
Age 11 and Younger Constipation
Age 11 and Younger Diarrhea
Age 11 and Younger Ear Problems Injuries
Age 11 and Younger Hip Problems Injuries
Age 11 and Younger Pain
Age 11 and Younger Rash
Age 11 and Younger Respiratory Problems
Age 11 and Younger Skin Problems
Age 11 and Younger Urinary Problems Injuries
Age 12 and Older Abnormal
Age 12 and Older Common Cold
Age 12 and Older Confusion
Age 12 and Older Contusions Coral Scrapes Coughs
Age 12 and Older Dizziness
Age 12 and Older Ear
Age 12 and Older Panic
Age 12 and Older slow heartrate
Age 12 and Older Weakness Fatigue
Age 3 and Younger Head Injury
Age 3 and Younger Nausea Vomiting
Age 4 and Older Fever Seizures
Age 4 and Older Vomiting
age 45 the chances
age categories
age groups
age limits and directions
Age Spot Skin Lightning
agency's oversight
Agenda Research On Women's Health
age-related macular degeneration
ages of 30 and 60
Aggregate Data
Aggregate Information
Aging and Seniors
aging egg supply decreases pregnancy rate
Aging imers
Aging New Medicare Benefits
Aging Older PersonsAARP Grandparent Information Center
aging process
Aging Research
Aging Senior Citizens HelplineAlliance
aging skin
Aging Skin
Aging something
Agoraphobics Building Independent Lives
Aicardi Syndrome Infantile SpasmsAicardi Newsletter
Aicardi Syndrome Infantile SpasmsAIDS
Aicardi SyndromeAIDS
aid communication
aid Services Administrator Mark B McClellan
AIDS Clinical Trials Information Services
AIDS Cure Possible
AIDS HelplinesAIDS HelplinesAir Ambulance Central
AIDS HIVCatherine Salveson
AIDS patients
AIDS TestAir Contrast Study
ain't fun
Air Filters
Air Quality
Aircraft Casualty Emotional Support Services
airs live
Akureyri Disease
Alagille Syndrome
Alagille Syndrome Alliance
Alagille SyndromeAlateen
Alanine Aminotransferase
Al-Anon Family Groups
Albers-Schonberg Disease
Albumin Saline PhenolAlbumin
Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol Abuse and DependenceAlcohol
Alcohol AbuseAlcoholics Victorious
Alcohol and Drug Problems
alcohol and Palladone
Alcohol Calories
alcohol consumption
Alcohol Debate
alcoholic drink
alert bracelet
alerting doctors and patients
alerting users
Alerts and Reminders
alerts emailed
Aleve Cold Aleve Sinus
Alexander Haselkorn
Allergic Disorders
Allergic Reaction
Allergies and Asthma
allergies and ear infections
Allergies Asthma
Allergies Asthma Conquer
Allergies Health Center
Allergies Home
Allergies Support Group
Allergy Basics
Allergy Control Tips
Allergy Doctor
Allergy Proof House
Allergy Proof Your Home
Allergy Quiz
Allergy Relief
allergy relief tips
Allergy Shots
Allergy Shots Underused
allergy sufferer
Allergy Sufferers
Allergy Sufferers WebMD Health-e-Tools and Member Content
allergy treatments triggers and prevention
Allergy Triggers
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Allergy-Proof Home
Allopurinol Sodium
allsensitive skin
Alluna Sleep
Aloe Vera ElastinAloe
Already Taking ALTACE
Alstrom Syndrome International
Alstrom's Syndrome
alteration of information
Altered Alertness
Altered Level of Consciousness
alternative culture And self-injury
Alternative Healing
Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine Ease Your Pain
Alternative Medicine Help Your Arthritis
Alternative Medicine Help Your Fibromyalgia
Alternative Medicine Help Your MS
Alternative Medicine Help Your Pain
alternative options
alternative potential treatments
Alternative SolutionsCertain
alternative therapies
alternative therapies include acupuncture
Alternative Therapies That Work
alternative treatments
Alternative Treatments
Aluminum Carbonate
Aluminum Chlorohydrate
Alzheimer's Diagnosis
Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease Center
Alzheimer's Drug
Alzheimer's Guide
Alzheimer's Health Center
Alzheimer's IQ Test
Alzheimer's Overview
Alzheimer's Patients and Families
Alzheimer's Self-Assessment
Amaurotic Familial Idiocy
ambulatory surgery centers
American Academy of Asthma Allergy Immunology
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Association of Kidney Patients
American Board of Internal Medicine
American Chemical Society
American Chemical Society Meeting Exposition
American Chronic Pain Association
American Cocoa Research Institute
American Council
American HealthCare Accreditation Association
American Heart Association
American Institute of Homeopathy
American Journal of Preventive Medicine
American Journal of Public Health
American Red Cross
American Sleep Apnea Association
American Society
American Society of Reproductive Medicine
Americans Allergic
Americans Their Antioxidants
Aminobenzoate Potassium
Aminobenzoate Sodium
Aminobenzoic Acid
Aminophylline DfAminophylline
Aminosalicylic Acid-5
Aminosyn II Dex
Aminosyn II Dext
Aminosyn II Dextrose
Aminosyn Ii Lyte Ca D20w
Aminosyn II-M Dextrose
Aminosyn MAminosyn TPN
Amlodipine and Atorvastatin
Amlodipine and Benazepril
Ammonia AromaticAmmonia SolutionAmmonia
Ammonium Chloride-Ipecac
Ammonium Dichromate
Ammonium Miscell
Ammonium Molybdate Intravenous
Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonium Phosphate
Ammonium SulfateAmmonium
Amos Grunebaum
amount body fat
amount length of time
amount of active ingredient
amount of calcium potassium
amount of leptin
amount of protein
amount of time
amounts of antioxidants
amphetamine-based products
Amphotericin B Injection
Amphotericin Oral
Amphotericin Topical
Amputation Limb Deficiency
Amy Bobrow
Amy Hendel
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
analysis of close
analysis of health trends and effectiveness programs
Analysis of Nearly
analysis shows
analyze dietary supplements
analyze the content of dietary supplements
analyze the results
Anal AtresiaAnal
Anatomy and Glossary
andPhytonutrients WebMD Public Information
Androgen Insensitivity
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group
androgenetic alopecia
AnemiaApneaApraxiaApraxia Kids
Anger and HostilityAnimal Human BitesAnkle
angers autism expert Leslie Rubin
Angioplasty Slide Show
Animal and HumanBites
Animals and People
Ankle InjuriesFoot
Ankle InjuriesToe
Ankle Problems
Ann Reiner
Annual Lung Cancer Screening May Cut Deaths
anorexia bulimia
Anterior Cruciate Ligament
antiaging hormone
Antiaging' Hormone Helps Women With Lupus
anti-aging products
antibiotic treatment
anticancer drugs work
antidepressant medications
antidepressant medicine and psychotherapy
antidepressant medicines
Antidepressant Rx
antidepressant treatments
Antidepressants May Be Tied
antiepileptic medications
anti-estrogen therapy
antigen 125
antihistamine antacid
antihistamines cough-cold products
anti-inflammatory drugs
anti-nausea medicine
Antinuclear Antibodies
Antioxidant Advantage
Antioxidant ADVANTAGE Get the AdvantageAntioxidants
antioxidant content
Antioxidant IQ
antioxidant options
Antioxidants Lengthen Life
Antioxidants Work
Antiseizure Drug Depakote Under Fire
Antisperm Antibody Test
anti-tobacco activist
Antley Bixler Syndrome
anus vagina
Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Anxiety Attacks Phobias Agoraphobia
anxiety depression and stress
anxiety disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety Disorders Linked With Alcoholism Relapse
anxiety expert
Anxiety of Asthma
anxiety of infertility treatment
Anxiety Panic
Anxiety Panic Disorders
Anxiety Panic Disorders Health Center
Anxiety Support Group
Aortic Stenosis
appetite and sleeps
appetite causing weight loss
appetite dizziness problems sleeping
Appointment Services
approach child
approach family members
approach guidance counselor
approval process
Aralen Phosphate
Are About Strattera
area of interest
area of women's health
areas of functioning
areas of irritation
areas of weakness
arm and cut
Arm Hand
arm injuries
Arm InjuriesArm Problems
Arm Problems
Armin - Biography
Armin Brott
Armin BrottWebMD Parenting Center
Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy
Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia
Arteriohepatic DysplasiaArteriosclerosis
artery biopsy
arthritis affects
Arthritis and Joint Pain
Arthritis and Joint Pain Support Group
Arthritis Basics
Arthritis Clinical Trial
Arthritis Diet Claims
Arthritis Fibromyalgia
arthritis find the support and information
Arthritis Health Center
Arthritis Knowledge
arthritis newsletter
Arthritis Newsletter
Arthritis Pain
Arthritis Quiz
arthritis symptoms and prevention drugs
Arthritis Treatment
Arthritis UrethriticaArthritis
ArthritisMichael W Smith
articles highlighted
articles of interest
Artificial Insemination
Artificial Insemination and IUI
Artists Recovering Through
Aspartate Aminotransferase
Aspirin and Dipyridamole
Aspirin Butalbital Caffeine
Aspirin May Cut Prostate Cancer Risk
Aspirin Prevent Breast Cancer
Assessing Effectiveness
Assessing Skin Type Choosing Care Products
assign participants
assistant physician
assistant professor of pediatrics
Associate Editor
Astelin Edges Zyrtec
Asthma Action Plan
asthma and allergies newsletter
asthma and treatment options
asthma arthritis
asthma attack
Asthma Drugs Can Stay
Asthma Facts
Asthma Health Center
Asthma Kids
Asthma May Play Role
Asthma May Protect Against Brain Cancer
Asthma Quiz
Asthma Risk From Smoking May Start Early
asthma symptoms
asthma treatment
asthma-related words
AsthmaWebMD Medical NewsWhen
Astra Zeneca
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
ate reduced-calorie diet high
athlete and think the meds mess
athlete's agility balance power and speed
athlete's foot
Athlete's Foot
at-home reference
Atkins Diet
Atlanta Georgia
atmosphere filters
Atopic Dermatitis
Atrial Fibrillation
attach concept
attack scare
attempt suicide
attention deficit
attention deficit and learning disability
Attention Deficit Disorder
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
attention deficit learning disability
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Attitude Keeps Her Young
AudiometryAuditory Brainstem Evoked Potential
audit log
auditory channels
Auditory-Verbal International
Auriculotemporal SyndromeAutismAutism
Austria's University of Innsbruck
author and instructor Jennie Nash
author of
author of Facing the Final Mystery
author of Fed
author of Tell
authorizing WebMD Health Manager
Autism Advances
Autism AdvancesThe
Autism AdvancesWhat
Autism Asperger Syndrome
Autism Diagnosis
Autism Research
Autism Society of America
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Symptoms
Autism Treatment
Autism Treatment Overview
autism's causes
Autoerotic Asphyxiation Support
Autoimmune Hemolytic
Autosomal Dominant
Availability Selection and Storage
Aventyl HCI
average child views
average cost
average man
average woman
average young man
avocados and
Avoiding Mercury
award-winning actress stays
award-winning content and health experts
award-winning health journalist
aware of breasts
Awareness and SupportWhat
AXAxilla AbscessAxonal Neuropathy
Axialis Extracorticales CongenitalAplasia
AZAzorean Neurologic DiseaseAzul
AZT 3TC Abacavir
Babies' Wheezing
Baby 101 Guide
Baby Care
Baby Proof House
Baby Proofing Guide
baby rockin
Baby Smarts
Baby-Proof Home Slide Show
Baby-Proofing Guide
Baby's Arrival
baby's born
baby's clothes
baby's growth
baby's health
baby's life
Baby's Risk of Autism
baby's sleeping eating elimination and crying patterns
Baby's Teeth
Back Problems and Injuries
backflow of stomach acid and juices
back-to-school time
back-up media
bacterium Clostridium sordelli
Bad and
bad breath
Bad Breath
Bad Breath Learn
Bad Case of 'Boomeritis
bad cholesterol
bad day -- the stock market goes
bad habits
Bad Sleep
balance the benefits and risks
Balance Way
band syndrome
banner advertisements
bar soap
Barbara Bridges
Barbara Seaman
Bargain Generics
barometer of death risk
Barry Singer
basal body temperature
Basal Cell
base chemicals
basic health care issues
Basic Information
basic principles
basic protection
Basic Science Council
basic steps
Basics and
Basics and BeyondBreast
basis of age sex race
basketball game
batch code
bath and
Bathroom Scales Don?t Tell the Whole Story
baths and medicine
Baton Rouge
Battle Breast Cancer Your Way
battle scars
battle-hardened survivor
BBack PainBipolar DisorderBreast Cancer^ Back
Be Own Therapist
beach volleyball medalists Kerri Walsh
Beach Workouts
Beach Wraps
beacon information
bear child
Beat Seasonal Allergies
Beat the Heat
beat the odds
Beating the Bed-wetting Blues
Beautiful Skin
Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery
Beauty Basics
beauty essentials
Beckman Institute
bed posts
bed rest
Bed Wetting
bed-wetting child
bed-wetting going
bed-wetting problems
beer wine
beginning communication
beginning stages
Behalf of WebMD Health
Behavioral Treatments
bending forward
Beneficiaries Chronic Conditions
beneficiaries cover $250 deductible
beneficiaries' drug costs
Benefits and Risks
benefits include
benefits of
Benefits of Biceps
benefits of using the product
BenefitsCheckUpRx WebMD
Benicar HCT
benign enlargement
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
benign prostatic hypertrophy?is noncancerous enlargement
Bernard Williams
Beta-2-Microglobulin Amyloidosis
betaHCG wasn't rising
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
better able
Better Gums
Better Health
better identify
better lane control
better life
better option
Better Predictor of Lung Cancer Survival
better sex
Better Sex
Better Sex Diet
Better Sex With Weight Loss
better sleep
Better Sleep
Better Sleep Help You Lose Weight
better sleep quick quiz
better sleep quiz
Better Sleep Resource Center
Better Sleep WebMD Feature
Better Time Management
better treatment outcomes
Better Work-Life Balance
Betty Ching
Betty Ching RNHave
Bill Lloyd
billion year dieting
binging and compulsivity
biofeedback and medications
Biofeedback Trains the Mind
biofeedback work
Biography Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Biologic Therapy
Biological Clock
biology predisposes
biostatisticians -- experts
biotech company Genentech
Bipolar Children
Bipolar Depression
Bipolar Disease
Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder and Suicide Risk
Bipolar Disorder Assessment
Bipolar Disorder Health Center
Bipolar Disorder Support Group
Bipolar Mania
Bipolar Rollercoaster
Birth Complications Slide Show
Birth Control
Birth Control Methods
Birth Control Options
birth control pills
Birth Control WebMD Live Event Transcript
Birth Defects
Birth Defects WebMD Medical Reference
birth outcomes
birth rate
bit and having
bi-weekly WebMD Fertility Center Newsletter
black and cold
black and Hispanic children
black hair
black men
black plastic and steel frame
Black Relative Ups Family's Risk
Black tea
Black Women's Fracture Risk Lower
Blackfan DiamondAnemia
Bladder Control
Bladder Disorders
blastocyst stage
BLBleeding PeriodsBlistersBlows
bleeding right
blind spots
Blind Visually ImpairedAcid Maltase Deficiency
Blisters Diaper Rash Fever Age
block the airway
blocks arteries
blood clots
blood count
blood count and Neupogen
blood disease called thrombocytopenia
Blood Disease Warnings
Blood draw
blood drawn
Blood Flow Diagrams
blood glucose
blood glucose level
blood glucose levels
Blood glucose test
blood pressure
Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure Basics
Blood Pressure Center
blood pressure goes
blood sampling
blood sugar
Blood sugar
blood sugar and diabetes
blood sugar level and see
blood sugar levels
blood sugar remains high
blood sugar rises
blood test
blood tests
Blood tests
blood vessel
blood vessel contractions
blood vessel disease
blood vessels
blood vessels and head muscles
blood vessels and nerves
blood vessels causing constriction
bloodstream infection
blood-sugar control
blown medication-induced mania
Blue Cross Shield of MA
Blunting Emotional Pain
BMI Calculator
board certified sex therapist
board found
Board of Education
board posting
Boards and Events
boards and live chats
Boards Events
boards worry
Bodily Harm
body and mind
body and mind need
body burns
body composition
body connection and new way
Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery
body fat
Body Fat Measurement
body fat test
body fight cancer
body level of fentanyl
body loves
Body Make
Body mass index
Body Mass Index
body needs
Body Piercing Problems
body prunes
body region
body rhythms
body running
body temperature
body touch
body tries
body's ability
body's changes
body's heat and protecting
Body's Largest Organ
body's metabolism
body's tissues
body's way
Boil water
Bonding Baby Before Birth WebMD Feature
Bone density tests
Bone Health
Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
Bone Marrow Cancer
Bone Marrow Drug May Help Crohn's Disease
Bone scan
Bones and Joints
bone-thinning osteoporosis
Bonus Calories
book presents 10 commandments
book the bible of faith-based weight loss programs
book Throwaway Dads
boost desire and ability
borderline high
borderline personality disorder
Botox May Help Some Migraine Patients
Bottle B
bottle feed
bottle of cough syrup
bottom line
boutique dental offices
bowel disease
bowel movements
Bowel Syndrome
bowel syndrome causes symptoms and treatments
Bowel Syndrome- Inflammatory Disease
bowl of whole-grain cereal
Boy Dies
boys and bed-wetting
Brad Bowman
Brad Pitt Has Mild Viral Meningitis
Brain Activity May Play Role
brain and body
brain areas
brain blood vessels
brain disorder
Brain Imaging and Behavior
Brain Injury Tumor Coma
brain regions
Brain Stimulation Failures
brain thought
Brain TumorAction
Brain Tumors
BrainAngelman SyndromeAngiitisAngina
branch of science
brand Mifeprex -- putting the risk
brand name Duragesic
brand names
Brand vs GenericIs one better
Brandeis University
brand-name counterparts
brand-name drug
brand-name drugs
brand-name firms
brand-name medicines
brand-name prescription medicines
brass bell
Braxton-Hicks Contractions WebMD Medical Reference
breads and cereals
break the grip of addiction
Breakfast and Lunch
Breakfast Carb Calculator
breakfast eaters
breakfast helps prevent
breakfast may put
Breakfast Most Important Meal
Breaking the Silence
breast cancer
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Affects Fertility
breast cancer and ways
Breast Cancer By Jennie Nash
breast cancer connection
breast cancer diagnosis
breast cancer fighting
Breast Cancer Gene
breast cancer genes -- called BRCA1 and BRCA2
Breast Cancer Health Center
breast cancer info
breast cancer issues
Breast Cancer Pathology Report
breast cancer patients
breast cancer screening
breast cancer sink
breast cancer story
breast cancer survivors
Breast Cancer Treatment Options
Breast Cancer Treatments
Breast CancerRandy Gross
breast exam
breast feeding and formula
Breast Health
breast milk
Breast MRI
breast pain enlargement vaginitis due
Breast Plastic Surgery
breast preservation therapy
Breast Problems
Breast Problems Change
Breast Reconstruction
Breast Reconstruction Without Implants
Breast Reconstructive Surgery
breast reduction surgery
breast removal
Breast Self-Exam
Breast Self-Exam Slide Show
Breast Surgeries
breast tissue
breasts and ovaries
breasts sag
breathing chest tightness coughing
breathing tests
Breech Baby WebMD Medical Reference
Brian Fligor
brief exposure
brief period of time
Bringing Home Baby
Broccoli May Thwart Herpes Virus
broken bones cuts bumps bruises
Brooke Shields
Browse Drug Database
browsers offer instructions
Bruce and Rebecca Marder
Bruises and Blood Spots Under the Skin
Brunilda Nazario
Brunilda Nazrio
Brush and Floss
Brush the Right WayWebMD Health-e-Tool
Brushing and Flossing Your Child's Teeth
BSN Post
build users' trust and confidence
Building Blocks
bumps and bruises
Bumps Spots Growths and Moles
Burn Fat
burning feeling
burning of calories
burning pain
Burning Questions From Our Readers
Burning Questions From Our Readers Robert Davis
Burning Truth
burnsThigh injuries
Burping Nausea and Vomiting
Bursts of Normal
Bursts of Normal Riding the Bipolar Rollercoaster
Bush Starts
business arrangements
business information
business interruption
business partners
business trips
Butterbur May Be Effective Hay Fever RemedyAn
butterbur plant
Buttocks Problems
Buttocks Problems Diaper Rash Diarrhea
buy the product
Buying Cheaper
bypass surgery

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